The Sun and the Sea

By: Colleen Lennehan

Beach roses, a setting sun, and a sandy seating area make up the perfect breezy picnic spot!

We wanted to enhance a typical picnic scene with seaside elements and organic décor!

Two weathered wooden pallets, rested on a striped beach blanket, created an earthy tabletop for this styled shoot.

Wild roses and beach flowers were mixed with garden grown peonies in multiple glass bottles and vases, while a piece of coral acted as a beachy candle holder.

By mixing antique silverware (from the Brimfield Antique Fair), crystal glasses, and crisp white plates, we dipped into an elegant and nautical look.

Meigs Point at Hammonasset Beach in Clinton, CT was the location for this golden hour shoot. I spotted this grassy nook that made for the perfect picnic location, with views of the sea and wildflower surroundings.

This shoot was styled and designed by my fabulous mom, Lisa Lennehan, and it may be my favorite so far. My sisters Alyssa, Shanna, and Caitlyn also helped create this shoot, as well as model for a few shots!

We loved using one of our giant conch shells to create this mermaid silhouette!

There’s nothing more that I love than the sea, the sun, and sandy shoots!

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Photographer- Colleen Lennehan

Style and Design- Lisa Lennehan

Model- Caitlyn Lennehan

Location- Meigs Point, Hammonasset Beach



Seaside Sweethearts

The sand was damp from a passing shower, and the sun attempted to beam through dusty clouds, making the Niantic shoreline a stunning backdrop for this styled shoot.

My sister Meghan and her main squeeze Jason agreed to pose for a few earthy shots by the sea.

The bright, yet gloomy, after-the-storm sun lit up the beach, while the remaining grey clouds melted into the oceans horizon; a personal favorite scene of mine!

I’m glad that the rain on the ride down didn’t scare off my little coastline couple! I can’t wait for more shoreline shoots this summer!


Location- Niantic, Connecticut Shoreline

Photographer- Colleen Lennehan

Models- Meghan Lennehan & Jason Abate


Shoreline Sunshine

Monday is just as fabulous as any other day, especially when a Rhode Island sunrise is involved.

At 6:58 a.m. the sun rose over The Ocean State warming up the winter air just enough to prompt some people to toss on shorts and flip flops.

Bundled up in sweaters, jackets, and scarves, my friend Danielle and I drove down to the shoreline to watch the sunrise at the best place possible–the edge of the ocean in Watch Hill.

We made it just in time to watch the sky smear across the horizon and reflect off the wavy water.



Location: Watch Hill, Rhode Island

The Sea and the Snow

The Rhode Island coastline never disappoints, even with a New England chill that can send shudders up your spine.

The dreamy sun-smeared skies are appreciated while bathing in a bikini, or shivering in the snow, which is exactly what my sister Meghan and I did today. We arrived right as the golden hours began and the light warmed up the shoreline. Between bitter bursts of wind I managed to snap a few shots that highlight the beauty of the ocean in the dead of winter.





Blue Shutters Beach, Charlestown, Rhode Island

Charlestown State Beach, Charlestown, Rhode Island