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I love a good cocktail, fresh flowers, and unveiling the newest—and most fabulous—trends that surround the wonderful world of weddings.

My name is Colleen Lennehan and I currently live in the (almost) dead center of Connecticut. I would love to eventually write and photograph for a top wedding magazine. So, to get my foot (wearing fabulous heels, of course) in the door I decided to create a blog related to all things, wedding. Although this blog will contain information for any bride, groom, bridesmaid, maid of honor, best man, wedding guest, photographer, mother of the bride, and so on; it will benefit those residing on the east coast a bit more. I will be blogging about the millions of wedding details for the New England area. So whether you’re planning, attending, or in the wedding, all of you lovely viewers will find a little bit of everything on my site!




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