Bubbly Bridal Brunch

Who wouldn’t love a bridal brunch overlooking the water?!

This past Sunday friends and family of Darci Abate sipped on cocktails and celebrated the soon-to-be bride at her families lake house.

With the help of her mom and maids (and plenty others!) Darci’s DIY shower mirrored one you would see in a magazine. From the moss stenciled table numbers to the homemade crumb cake, her morning was full of creativity.

The décors earthy feel matched the scenery perfectly, with succulents, moss, and wildflowers as key details. They even carried their theme onto the food tables, reminding guests this wasn’t an ordinary soiree!

The spread included doughnut hole kabobs, homemade muffins, and a decked out waffle bar, among dozens of other treats!

Cocktails, the key to any successful brunch, also played a major part at the party.

Mimosas and Bloody-Mary’s flowed from the beginning to the end, and were garnished properly with fruit and veggies.

Potted succulents were the perfect party favor for guests, they were stacked on antique ladders, further accentuating the rustic theme!

Darci’s “Brunch and Bubbly” bridal shower came together beautifully, but neither the flowers nor the mimosas were as sweet as she is, and I am so glad I was there to celebrate such a fabulous person!


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