Roses and Ruffles

Prior to the Big Game on the 50th Super Bowl Sunday, a smaller gathering took place at the Aria, located in Prospect, Connecticut.

The Aria hosted their 1st annual Wedding Showcase for new brides and grooms.

A couple dozen couples (paired with a couple dozen friends and family) who plan to marry within the next few years twirled through the venue envisioning their big day, champagne in hand of course.

I was lucky enough to tag along with wedding florist, Terri Krisavage, from TK & Brown’s Flowers, who was chosen as one of the events floral designers.

She covered one of the rooms in glitter and gold, and roses and ruffles. From the tables and chairs to the small gift boxes for guests, every detail was fabulously thought out.

Here are a few shots from the event!


Florist: Terri Krisavage

Venue: Aria, Prospect, CT



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