Naturally Naked

For those who love to go “au natural” this cake may just be your new best friend.

A Naked Cake solely relies on its natural beauty and mother nature to please; flowers, evergreens, fruit, and even pine cones are used to decorate and enhance the cakes inner earthy beauty. A lack of thick frosting exposes the “naked” cake leaving all its imperfections bare for everyone to admire. Typically, a small portion of frosting is spread between each cake layer to hold them together, and in many cases powdered sugar is sifted over the top to complete the look.

My mother and I baked one fabulous Naked Cake and one mini heart Naked Cake. She designed multiple floral arrangements for both to showcase their endless appearances.

We simply used a $.99 box of yellow cake mix and standard cream cheese frosting, for decorating we used: pink and white roses, white ranunculus, eucalyptus, evergreens, and sea holly.

The end results were stunning, simple, and oh so sweet.



Floral Designer: Lisa Lennehan


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