Frost Ice Bar

There are hundreds of places one can hold a bachelorette/bachelor party in Boston, MA; however for those looking for something a bit more concept based, the Frost Ice Bar is a chilly option.
Frost Ice Bar, continually kept at 21 degrees, is made almost entirely out of ice. The walls, seats, tables, décor, bar, and even the glasses are pure ice.

Groups of 15 people or more are able to book a special group package, or rent out the entire bar.
For these private parties Frost Ice Bar offers:
•Signature Drinks
•Personalized Ice Sculpture of your Logo
•Partner Packages with other attractions and restaurants (Perfect for an ongoing night of bachelorette/bachelor fun!)
•Retail items and custom gifts

The bar hands out gloves and coats to guests, however it is urged they still dress for the temperature.
The bar is located on the third floor of Faneuil Hall Marketplace, and is open seven days a week.
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