Best Boutonnieres

The boutonniere may seem like a minuscule aspect of a wedding, small in size and possibly in importance; however the history of this tradition has much meaning.
The phrase “wearing your heart on your sleeve” was first muttered in conversation due to events during the Middle Ages.

According to when knights went into battle or jousting tournaments they wore a “ribbon, scarf, flower or pennant of his lady’s family crest over the left arm of his armor, where it was close to his heart.”
By preforming this tradition it signified who that particular knight was fighting for.

Men have upgraded this ritual a bit, instead of honoring their love before a battle, they select a flower from the brides bouquet and pin it to the left lapel of their jacket.
Not only do boutonnieres showcase the couples style, they also have a historical and traditional importance honoring the couples love.
Modern day couples have been using everything from flowers to action figures to pin on the grooms jacket.

Some of the most common components are: flowers, succulents, feathers, leaves, berries, bark, acorns, pinecones, and personal trinkets.
For those interested in hundreds of unique boutonniere styles follow this Pinterest board!


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