Wedding Bars

Over the years bars at weddings have consisted of more than just beer and cocktails.
Candy bars are one of the most popular new trends many couples are incorporating into their big days.
But for those who want something a bit, different, there’s hundreds to choose from.

Potato Bar

Mashed potatoes, French fries, tater tots, potato skins, baked potatoes, potato wedges.
Smother any of these potato options in bacon, cheddar cheese, or sour cream and guests will be lingering around the bar all night.

Candy Apple Bar

With thousands of apples to choose from–Macintosh, Gala, and Empire among the most popular–it’s no wonder couples saying “I do” in the fall are choosing a candy apple bar for their reception. Guests can choose from caramel, chocolate syrup, sprinkles, walnuts, even cinnamon to submerge their apple in to create a sweet treat.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Fall weddings can get a bit chilly, especially now towards the end of the season.
Warm guests up with a hot cocoa bar! Chocolates, marshmallows, peppermint sticks, spice, and whip cream are just a few options to set out for the chilly cocoa lover.

For even more bar ideas check out this Pinterest board!


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