Photography by Daniel Gaedeke

Daniel Gaedeke is a Connecticut photographer who has specialized in wedding and engagement photography for the past three years.
“The best part of a wedding to me is being able to capture all the raw emotion that comes with the day,” Gaedeke said.

Photography by- Daniel Gaedeke
Photography by- Daniel Gaedeke

As a young and fairly new wedding photographer Gaedeke has relied on word of mouth to spread his business. So far this year he has shot 5 weddings total, and already has bookings for 2015, as well as 2016.
Each wedding allows an opportunity for great joy, and Gaedeke notes that “all the smiles, tears, love, and happiness make me grateful to be there capturing it all.”
But of course wedding days have a bit of disorder tagging along.
To deal with this Gaedeke says, “No matter what you have for a plan, you better have a back up, and a back up for that.”
To not be thrown by the chaos and excitement of the day, Gaedeke says he try’s to “stay two steps ahead of it all,” to make sure he can get the best shots.

Photography by: Daniel Gaedeke
Photography by: Daniel Gaedeke

Chelsea and Kevin Dingus, of Berlin, CT hired Gaedeke to shoot their engagement photos last fall and were nothing but pleased with his work.

“He was creative, and details were important to him,” Chelsea Dingus said of Gaedeke’s photography, “he was also good with picking out our poses so that we didn’t look too awkward.”
She also noted that Gaedeke took a variety of shots in different areas so the couple had plenty to choose from.
Gaedeke works out of central CT and will travel Connecticut for shoots at the convenience of the couple, but is willing to travel a bit further than the ends of CT.
“I would really enjoy traveling and doing a destination wedding at some point,” Gaedeke says.

His contact information can be found on his Facebook page, as well as his website.


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