Tara’s Beauty Studio

Tara Abate Biondi is the owner of Tara’s Beauty Studio, located in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.

Photo Credit-Kari Breed
Photo Credit-Kari Breed

The salon has been open for about two years now and offers hair, make-up, massage, and tanning services.
Biondi has always had her heart set on being a hair and make-up artist specifically for wedding parties.
On her website, tarasbeautystudio.com she states, “There is something exhilarating about making a bride feel amazing and elegant.”
Biondi will travel to the brides residence, hotel or venue at the convenience of the wedding party.
Biondi does hair, make-up and tanning services for weddings about two times a week, totaling around 24 weddings for the season.
Photo Credit-Alissa Dinneen Photography
Photo Credit-Alissa Dinneen Photography

She finds that the most popular hair-do for the fall is “any up-do with a braid somehow intertwined into it.”

“If I could continue to do this for the rest of my life, I would be entirely content,” Biondi said about her make-up artistry career path.
The salon has recently relocated to 2234 Silas Dean Highway, Rocky Hill, CT.
For appointments, Biondi can be reached at (860)372-6405


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