Sweater Weather

According to the 2014-2015 Farmers Almanac, the Northeast region for the rest of October will consist of rainy periods and mild temperatures. November will start off mild and by mid month, the (sometimes dreaded, other times welcomed) snow will begin to fly.
With a chill in the air, and the need to look fabulous at a wedding, bridal shower, or engagement party, a gal can find herself a little flustered staring into her closet, hand on hip searching for an outfit.
The solution to the chilly New Englanders problem is sleeves.
Sweaters, cardigans, pea-coats, and long-sleeved dresses should all be considered when preparing for a wedding.
The Engagement Party

Photo Credit-Colleen Lennehan
Photo Credit-Colleen Lennehan

A casual look to wear for an engagement party could consist of a maxi skirt, long sleeve top, and a fabulous pair of boots.

The Wedding Dress

Photo Credit-Jennifer Stenglein
Photo Credit-Jennifer Stenglein

This stunning dress is from LANE.com where they offer extremely unique wedding dresses, many of which have sleeves of some sort.
For even more long sleeve wedding dresses check out this Pinterest board, “Wedding dresses with sleeves.”
The Wedding Guest
Photo Credit- www.sortrashion.com
Photo Credit- http://www.sortrashion.com
You don’t have to freeze your buns off while attending a wedding until the darkest hours of the night. Go prepared and bring an extra layer to toss on when that New England chill creeps in.

By mixing spring time favorites and fall layers, guests and brides can be fashionable without the freeze!


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