Engagment Party Planning!

According to the CDC, roughly two million people get married every year, and within the next few years my fabulous sister will be among that number.

Photo Credit-Colleen Lennehan
Photo Credit-Colleen Lennehan

I am one of nine children, and the first Lennehan is now beginning to plan the wedding of her dreams.
My sister Alyssa, and future brother-in-law Bobby Abate got engaged on July 5th of this year. They planned an engagement party, which will occur a week from now. They wanted a classic fall-time party, with all the natural beauty this season brings.
Everything but orange. Orange will not be allowed at the party.
So with the interests of the potential bridezilla, my mother began creating rustic, classic, and non-orange centerpieces, and ideas.
Although many people love the bright colored pumpkins and orange mums, fall can still be encompassed with different color shades.
My mother has decided to use dried hydrangea bushels for the centerpieces (the party is being held at our house!). To accompany the hydrangeas she purchased about a million small white pumpkins, along with an eclectic set of lanterns.
Love should be celebrated, and couples don’t have to rent out a million dollar space to throw a great party.
My mom is the queen of crafts and class. The engagement party will have a s’more section, candied apple bar, and various signature drinks, among many other unique ideas. Engagement parties need three things in my eyes; fabulous food, strong drinks, and a love struck couple.
When it comes to planning the engagement party my one tip is to write it all down. Alyssa has scribbled all over a notebook full of the most minuscule things one could think of.
-food budget
-food list
-RSVP list
-amount of chairs
-the name of that uncles new girlfriends sister who is somehow now coming
Whatever comes to mind, should be written down.
And with a little luck, patience, and for us, wine, the engagement party will be one for the books!


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