Trend Alert!

With every season there comes an abundance of new trends. Some of the top universal fall time wedding trends can easily be executed!
Copper, Copper, Copper.
Copper is going to be big this fall. Whether its the fabulous Moscow mule (one of my favorite drinks, who in my opinion is finally getting the popularity it deserves) being served in a copper cup, accents of copper decorations or copper painted foliage-this shimmery color will enhance a rustic vibe.
Color Trends
With millions of variations it may seem like a daunting task to chose a color scheme for an engagement party, bridal shower, or wedding-which makes it convenient that each season a few colors stand out among the rest.
This fall is all about, pastels, red wines, and you guessed it-copper. Many floral arrangements this year are packed with deep reds and plums paired with dusty pinks and pastels giving an earthy fresh contrast. Max Gill recently did a spread in Martha Stewart Weddings where he created lush arrangements using lavender garden roses, purple kale, salvia buds, black chervil, marbled coralbell leaves, splashed with gilded acorns. And it is stunning. Gill stated “I love the moodiness of fall,” in this quarters edition of Martha Stewart Weddings.
So, you want your wedding to be picture perfect, full of smiles, champagne, and one of a kind memories-but you may not have the budget to fulfill your magnificent dreams.
Do it yourself darling! Since the creation of Pinterest brides all across the world have been picking up their scissors and hot glue guns ready to take things into their own hands. Instead of hiring someone to create centerpieces many thrifty gals have been utilizing everyday items to craft these wedding day necessities. Mason jars, garden flowers, and a dash of glitter can turn out just as stunning, if not more, than a professionally made bouquet! Follow my personal Pinterest wedding board for my favorite wedding trends, dresses, ideas, and much more!


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