First Isn’t Always the Worst

You may have thought that the first post would be someone boring and uninformative; but that my darlings is incorrect!
The basis of this blog is to inform people on every aspect of an autumn New England wedding. So I would like to point out the major pros of deciding to marry the love of your life during this stunning season.
The first and in my opinion, best reason is the foliage. I mean come on, vibrant red, yellow and orange colors melting together encasing the venue, talk about picture perfect. When the trees are at their peak of turning it will create a beautiful, and natural backdrop for the wedding party and guests.
The second reason would have to be the decoration possibilities. Fall has an abundance of earthy options. Whether it’s using pumpkins and gourds for centerpieces, or dried hydrangea bushels in mason jars wrapped with bittersweet, there are countless flowers and plants in season. You can find seasonal flower lists here!
The third reason to host a fabulous fall wedding would be the weather. Earlier autumn months provide warmer (without the dreaded humidity) days, paired with cool and crisp nights; which allows guests to enjoy the entire ceremony no matter what time it ends!
Now for every pro there is usually a con, but we won’t get into those just yet!


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